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emacs russification

From: basileia
Subject: emacs russification
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 18:05:47 +0400

Dear sirs!
As I can see, there are two ways to work with cyrillic letters in Emacs: first based on iso8859-5 and second based on utf-8. But at present all available encoders/decoders and language environments for cyrillic languages are based on iso8859-5. Moreover, there is no support (I mean, in user interface level) for cyrillic codepage cp1251, although it is the only codepage used in Windows and it becames popular in Linux, too. And, as I can see, there are no input methods for utf-8 cyrillics included in distribution. So, I want to ask, if there are some plans to improve cyrillic support in Mule/Emacs. May be, it could be a good idea to replace iso8859 as a base for encoding cyrillic characters with utf-8? If somebody works with such a project? And, if not, can I contribute to Emacs writing new utf8-based encoding/decoding procedures and input methods?
Alexej Kryukov
Moscow State University

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