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Problem with backup files on different networks

From: Andrew Morrow
Subject: Problem with backup files on different networks
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:39:35 -0400

(I posted this message on the GNUSoftware.com discussion list a few days 
ago but did not receive any responses so I'm sending it here.)

I am running

   GNU Emacs 21.1.1 (i386-msvc-windows98.1998) of 2001-10-22 on buffy

installed from the file


on a Windows 98 (4.10.1998) machine.  I have 3 kinds of drives letters 
attached to my machine:

- the local hard disk (C:)
- a directory on a Netware 4.11 server (F:)
- a directory on a Samba share (P:)

If I open a text file (say "sample.txt"), modify it and then save it back 
with C-s C-x then I get 3 different behaviours:  

- on C:, sample.txt is written and no backup file is created.

- on F:, the modified file is written to sample.txt~; the original 
sample.txt is gone and I can't recover it with Netware's Filer/Salvage 

- on P:, the original file is renamed to sample.txt~; the modified file is 
written to sample.txt.  

I can't figure out why the behaviour is different on all 3 kinds of 
drives.  As I understand it, everything should work as it does on the P: 

Is there anything I can do to investigate this problem further?


 ((( o ))) Andrew Morrow          Senior Software Designer
  ___|_                           Dataradio Inc.
 |_____|                          Montreal, Quebec
email: address@hidden web: http://www.dataradio.com

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