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Re: `print' does not print

From: David Kaelbling
Subject: Re: `print' does not print
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 11:08:47 -0400

Okay with me!  I'll try again with the new bugfix release and see if I
can come up with a more coherent explanation for any problems.


Ralf Fassel wrote:
> * Eli Zaretskii
> | It is my impression that removing the SGI-specific treatment of the
> | `.got' sections from unexelf.c is a good idea, but I'm unsure
> | whether it will have adverse effects on some (older?)  versions of
> | the SGI development tools, and if so whether saying in etc/MACHINES
> | that users should upgrade to newer devo is good enough.
> Since we do not seem to be able to recreate the exact conditions to
> check why these were necessary (David?), and since an OS upgrade (Good
> Thing [TM] anyway) solves the issue I have brought up, I think adding
> advice to etc/MACHINES is enough.
> R'

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