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insert current buffer name anywhere vs. M-p M-n

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: insert current buffer name anywhere vs. M-p M-n
Date: 16 Apr 2002 12:20:31 +0800
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>> > find-alternate-file prompts with the current filename -- quite
>> > helpful.  However if it is in a dired wildcard directory, e,g, from C-x d
>> > *.c then this doesn't work.  The *.c isn't even available from M-n either.
>> Here's a workaround to make it available via `M-n':

K> Sorry, that breaks find-alternate-file outside of Dired buffers:

Anyways, all the more argument for a set of keybindings that can
insert the current file, or current file name, or dired file on line name, or
recent-file-excluding-minibuffer-itself name, at point.  C-u for full
path.  Wouldn't that save hacking all the different places it is

It could be integrated with C-x r register stuff, but care should be
taken that the keystrokes don't get too long.
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