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problem with hexlify-buffer

From: ian martins
Subject: problem with hexlify-buffer
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 12:11:19 -0800

I'm using emacs-21.2.1 on win2k, compiled with nmake. (I tried some earlier versions also, and got the same result)

when I look at binary file with only an integer (32 bit) value of 60 or greater in it using emacs hexl-mode, it says:

00000000: 81a0 0000 00                             .....

it should say:

00000000: a00  0000                                .....

I've viewed the file with a different hex viewer and also xemacs and they both worked. for all values greater than 60 emacs sticks a hex "81" in front of the correct bytes.

in case it saves someone time, here is some c code that will create two files, one containing an integer value "59" (which emacs reads correctly) the other contains an integer 60 (which doesn't work for me)

#include <stdio.h>

void main()
 FILE *fout1, *fout2;
 int n1 = 159;
 int n2 = 160;
 int *p1 = &n1;
 int *p2 = &n2;

 fout1 = fopen("f159.good","wb");
 fwrite(p1, sizeof(int), 1, fout1);

 fout2 = fopen("f160.bad","wb");
 fwrite(p2, sizeof(int), 1, fout2);


please ask if I've left out needed info.

Ian Martins

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