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Re: Bug#139792: emacs21: Press PageDown, get infinite loop

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: Re: Bug#139792: emacs21: Press PageDown, get infinite loop
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 09:43:55 -0400

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

>     Okay.  It could be changed to: "Linux is a Unix kernel clone written
>     from scratch by Linus Torvalds".  But someone would have to suggest it
>     to Linus so it's changed upstream.  It's hardly worth changing in the
>     Debian package.
> This error is so pernicious that Debian should correct it regardless.
> Nobody should repeat this error just because someone else said it.
> I think Debian should correct it and then ask Linus to.
> Who in Debian should we talk with about this?

Herbert Xu <address@hidden> is the maintainer for the kernel-source
packages.  Alternatively, send an email to the Debian Bug Tracking

 To: Debian Bug Tracking System <address@hidden>
 Subject: kernel-source-2.4.18: README unclear when it refers to Linux kernel
 Package: kernel-source-2.4.18
 Version: 2.4.18-5
 Severity: minor

 [Insert bug report here]

Note I've use severity minor, which is defined as "a problem which
doesn't affect the package's usefulness, and is presumably trivial to


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