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query-replace-interactive et al

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: query-replace-interactive et al
Date: 24 Apr 2002 04:35:35 +0800
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Gentlemen, I was wondering why query-replace doesn't let me sweep up
pieces of text with C-w like C-s does.  Then I read about (setq
query-replace-interactive t).  Ok, now I can sweep up pieces of text
with C-s C-w C-w... ESC %, however I am then not allowed any final
opinions about the FROM string (why not leave the cursor at the end of
that line and wait for a RET?), and am instead only asked about how
the TO string should look.

Actually when I read
     If `query-replace-interactive' is non-nil, the last incremental search
     string is used as FROM-STRING--you don't have to specify it with the
I thought it would prompt me with a default (from last search), and if
I didn't enter anything for FROM, it would use that default.  And if I
wanted to edit the default, I would use M-p or M-n to get it into the
minibuffer and edit it.

By the way, I wonder if there is special keys when composing the TO
string that will insert the FROM string there so one can make minor
adjustments to it, or do I have to hope dabbrev-expand will have it?

By the way, I still think ESC % C-w should sweep up text like C-s C-w.
If you want me to do C-s C-w ESC % that means I can't just continue
searching with C-s for the same string I was searching for before, as
the last search string has now been reset because that's the only way
one can get a certain shortcut in a different command -- query-replace.
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