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Did you backup your Palm data today? 75564

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Subject: Did you backup your Palm data today? 75564
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:54:36 GMT

Palm Desktop Utilities version 1.2  is a Windows application designed to work 
with the Palm Desktop application.

You can use it to quickly and easily backup and restore the data in your Palm 
Desktop.  Never lose your data again because of a Hotsync error or data 

You can use it to copy data directly from one Palm Desktop user to another. 
Making it very easy to have the same data on multiple handhelds. 

It also provides basic information about your handheld such as the secret 
hotsync ID number that most users never see. (Which is sometimes the reason why 
your Palm won't hotsync on two different computers to the same user name. The 
Hotsync ID on each computer is different.) 

Give it a try. Download the free 14 day trial version from one of these great 
web sites.




To register your copy of Palm Desktop Utilities version 1.2 visit:

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