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Re: Feature suggestion

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Feature suggestion
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 12:23:16 +0100
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Marius Nita wrote:

> I was thinking of a multiple desktop environment, where each desktop can
> be a project. The desktops would have names, and you could load them,
> save them, and discard them like the current desktop feature; only you
> would have multiple ones, with different names. Maybe there could be a
> command line option to load a certain desktop (emacs --load-desktop
> project1), and from within emacs, you would call the desktop- functions
> with a name parameter

You can do this at present, surely? Just save different desktop files in
different directories. To load the one you want, either start Emacs in the
appropriate directory, or execute a cd inside Emacs. Then load the desktop
with the command (desktop-read). To clear things out before loading another
desktop, there is the command desktop-clear (although it kills most
buffers, not just the ones loaded in from the desktop file).

desktop-menu.el allows multiple desktop files in the same directory:


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