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Re: sgml-mode skip tag forward/back bug fix -- followup

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: sgml-mode skip tag forward/back bug fix -- followup
Date: 29 Apr 2002 17:34:43 -0600

"Mallory, Rich" <address@hidden> writes:

> Further testing revealed that the bug fix proposed in that email
> was incomplete.  The complete set of diffs follows, including the
> diffs from the original email.  The proposed fix works without the
> new additions.   However, the change to line 687 is needed to
> keep up-list from beeping each time function sgml-skip-tag-forward
> is executed.  (My machine at work has no speaker, so I didn't hear
> a beep and ignored the message until I got home.)  The original
> code for line 683 produces no beep, but the change to line 683
> seems advisable.
> The changes to lines 683 and 687 are required by the change to
> line 676.  The latter causes the regexp 're' to match one
> additional character, leaving the point after that character.  If this
> character is '>', the point is outside the tag matched by 're'.  In
> the original code, the point was inside the tag, and up-list moved
> the point to the beginning of the tag.  With the point after the
> closing '>', up-list can't do that.

Why don't you make use of the syntax table, and append "\\>" instead
to the tag regexp?  That would prevent matching element names that are
a prefix of the one to be skipped as desired, and wouldn't match the
extra character that necessitates the call to backward-char before

Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden>

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