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Re: short *Shell Command Output* and mouse "bait and switch"

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: short *Shell Command Output* and mouse "bait and switch"
Date: 03 May 2002 09:06:50 +0800
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>> Maybe this cruel item has been already fixed.
>> I do a M-! shell command and wish to cut and paste from the result.  I
>> press to click and ha ha, it ran away :-(

Eli> It didn't run away, you can still see it with "C-x b".

But don't you also feel like a bait and switch victim when you get the
mouse in place, lower your finger, and "wham! ha ha fooled you!".  Is
this a peek at the emacs attitude of the future?

You must admit that it is a bug to make things disappear when the user
is about to cut and paste them.  What other software acts this way?

<escape> ! s e q SPC 1 SPC 1 SPC 5 <return>
now try to copy say, the "3" with your mouse.
Is all the flashing and error messages not a bug?
Why not just let the user copy what he sees?
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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