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Increase your web site effectiveness with Mind Link Chat: web site insta

From: mindlink
Subject: Increase your web site effectiveness with Mind Link Chat: web site instant messaging
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 17:38:54 -0400

Check out Mind Link Chat at -> http://www.mindlink.biz

As a business professional with a website, you know that every day we do more 
and more business via the Internet.  With business moving at the speed of the 
Internet, none of us can afford to miss even one customer.  That is why we 
developed Mind Link Chat.  It occurred to us that for all the effort put into 
most business web sites, it is still not easy for a person with a simple 
question to conveniently reach someone at the office and get the question 
answered immediately.  We thought, 

Wouldn't it be cool if all someone had to do was click a button to be instantly 
connected to the office on the other end of the web site?

So we developed Mind Link Chat, a tool that does just that.  

The way Mind Link Chat works is that there is a link on your web site that we 
or your web master can easily install for you.  Also there is a small program 
that you install on a computer at your office. This little program will run 
quietly in the background.  When a visitor to your web site clicks the Mind 
Link Chat link on your web page, the program running on your office computer 
will automatically alert you that there is a visitor at your web site that 
wishes to talk right now.  At this point you have the choice of accepting this 
call.  If you choose to accept the call, a little window will open on your 
computer, and you will be able to chat with that visitor in real time.  If for 
some reason no one at your office is able to take the chat call, then the 
visitor will be told simply to leave a message that will be emailed to you.  In 
this manner you have given your web site visitors a very convenient way in 
which to contact you.    

Other software programs similar to Mind Link Chat start at $500 a year and up.  
Mind Link does the same thing and is much less expensive.  

AND, we are offering a special promotion.  Normally the cost to subscribe to 
Mind Link Chat is $150 per year.  But with this special email promotion, you 
can subscribe for $100 per year.   

AND, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  This way there is no risk for 
you.  Find out if Mind Link works for you, and if not, cancel in 30 days and 
get your money back.

If you do decide to take advantage of this offer, please remember to click on 
the link below to subscribe at this special rate. 

Special Rate Link -> http://mindlink.biz/order/discount1.htm 

We can get Mind Link Chat up and running for your company immediately.
For more information please check out our website at http://www.mindlink.biz

Thank you very much,

Mind Link International

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