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list-processes should have a keymap like dired

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: list-processes should have a keymap like dired
Date: 06 May 2002 20:58:57 +0800
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I found with many individually named compilation buffers, it is easy
to forget just which one actually has a compilation process still
running.  One sees the word "Compiling" in the modeline, but can't
tell which buffer(s) actually have running processes without going to
each one and looking.

Ah, I see one can do M-x list-processes, but there the area for the
buffer name is too short (for me), but it wouldn't matter if one could
do like dired and put the cursor on top of a "Proc" (as they are
called there (enough room to say "Process" there, so why not.)) and
hit RET etc. to go to the buffer concerned.

By the way, in various buffer lists
.*  *compilation*      58  Compilation
should also mention if its process is running or not, I suppose along
with shell window listings, etc.

Perhaps this Info item should be updated regarding renaming buffers to
get more than one compilation going: "Starting a new compilation also
kills any running compilation, as only one can exist at any time."
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