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capitalize-word capitalizes acronyms..

From: D. Goel
Subject: capitalize-word capitalizes acronyms..
Date: 09 May 2002 15:05:52 -0400

Dear g.e.bug folks..

consider what happens when you capitalize a region: FSF gets changed
to Fsf in the region.  There are (3 differnet) utilities out there
that capitalize each sentence-beginning for you..  some of them write
their own implementation of capitalize-word for this very reason.  So
i figured, perhaps the best place to make the change is in GNU emacs

IMHO, there could be a variable, say, capitalize-acronyms-p.  If this
variable is non-nil, then capitalize-word (and capitalize-region)
should capitalize GNU to GNU, not Gnu.  These are built-in functions,
and If i knew enough C and loved it tenth as much as elisp, i would
try to submit a patch myself :)

(in fact, if you so like, more generally, there could be a general
regexp that skips capitalization.. for instance, as in Kevin  Rodger's
auto-capitalize.el -->

(PS: i use emacs 21.1)

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