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GNU Emacs-21.2, Windows XP, and pkunzip

From: Shayne Steele
Subject: GNU Emacs-21.2, Windows XP, and pkunzip
Date: 16 May 2002 03:15:47 GMT

   I am using GNU Emacs-21.2 on a Windows XP Professional system.
The default program used to unzip packages is 'pkunzip'.  By default I
mean that if you do not have this program then emacs will complain
about not being able to find 'pkunzip' when you try to unzip a file.
Please consider using InfoZip's 'unzip' instead of PKWARE's
'pkunzip'.  The program 'unzip' is 'free' while 'pkunzip' is

   I had 'unzip' on my system but emacs do not notice until I changed
the variable archive-zip-use-pkzip to nil.  Now that there is a 'free'
easy to download version of 'unzip' there is no more reason to have
any reference to 'pkunzip' a 'non-free' program.
Shayne Steele       Graduate Student in Computer Science at FSU
address@hidden   http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~steele/
With great abilities come great responsibilities. -- Stan Lee

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