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Feature request: quiet keyboard-quit

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Feature request: quiet keyboard-quit
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 10:09:25 +0200


Whenever I hit `C-g' Emacs beeps or -- in my case -- flashes. I'd like
to turn this of -- not in all cases, but solely for `keyboard-quit'.

I do know that I could set `ring-bell-function' to a function that
does nothing and get rid of all beeping or flashing. But this has the
unwelcome side-effect that I don't get a warning flash even in the
case of errors. So I don't get warned if something unexpected happens.

But I know what I am doing when I hit `C-g', so there is no need to
warn me -- while a fairly unobtrusive "Quit" in the echo area is fine.

Apparently `keyboard-quit' can't be defadviced "after" or "around":

(defadvice keyboard-quit (around do-not-beep! activate)
  (let ((ring-bell-function (lambda () nil)))

... is futile.

`condition-case' does not trap the quit-signal and ...

(let ((inhibit-quit t))
  ... )

... is pointless when `keyboard-quit' gets a call from the lisp code.

So it seems that it is impossible to do this on the lisp customization
level. So here is my request:

Would you make this possible, please?

It would be very kind of you to give the user control over this by
setting a variable (`keyboard-quit-inhibit-warning' or so).

    -- Oliver

Oliver Scholz
Taunusstr. 25
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. 069  97 40 99 42

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