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Re: The "name" parameter for #'make-frame

From: Sau Dan Lee
Subject: Re: The "name" parameter for #'make-frame
Date: 31 May 2002 09:42:47 +0200
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>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

    Eli> Does it help to read the entry in etc/PROBLEMS whose header
    Eli> reads "Emacs fails to start, complaining about missing
    Eli> fonts"?

Yes.  I had  solved this problem before.  Emacs21  could start up.  It
just failed to create the tool-tip popups and new frames.

    Eli> In a nutshell, I suspect your fonts are set up so that ASCII
    Eli> characters in a frame's name need some font whose fontset
    Eli> definition is incorrect or misformatted.

But why  does it default to "fontset-16"  instead of "fontset-startup"
or  "fontset-standard"?  (And I  already had  a "fontset-18".   I just
changed the  name to "fontset-16" and  it worked even  though the font
spec  still says 18-point  fonts.)  Is  this configurable  in ~/.emacs
(without having to add one statement for EVERY package)?

In my  case, "fontset-startup" is  smaller than "fontset-16"  (which I
want to be the  name of what it says: 16-point fonts).   And I find it
ridiculous that  the tool-tip text and  the text in  the ediff control
panel are bigger than the text in my main working window.

Sau Dan LEE                     李守敦(Big5)                    address@hidden(HZ) 

E-mail: address@hidden
Home page: http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~danlee

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