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leim Makefile not -j safe

From: Marco Franzen
Subject: leim Makefile not -j safe
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 11:31:51 +0100

When building GNU Emacs 21.2 including leim-21.2 using make -j 2 (on a
two-way SPARC machine with Solaris 2.6, GNU Make 3.78.1 and GNU CC 3.1), the
bootstrap stalled with

.../leim/quail/4Corner.el locked by address@hidden (pid 11633): (s, q, p,

Actually that message appeared long before it stalled; it stalled only when
make had run out of targets (for the other job slot).

See the attached typescript for details. In there I hit return a couple of
times when it stopped and then said p (proceed).

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