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Re: Dired doesn't understand localized file dates

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: Dired doesn't understand localized file dates
Date: 04 Jun 2002 15:10:06 -0400

On Mon, 2002-06-03 at 22:22, Thien-Thi Nguyen wrote:

> the way to do this generally would be to create a temporary file (w/ known
> name, excluding spaces, and mtime), capture its ls(1) output, and figure out
> parse hints for use by dired (learn-by-example).  

The real solution is to reimplement ls in Lisp, and then change Dired to
use it. Then it will be completely reliable, something that a solution
based on regexps will, generally speaking, never be.

The first part has already been done (see ls-lisp.el).

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