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emacs[client] --dired filenames

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: emacs[client] --dired filenames
Date: 05 Jun 2002 09:39:38 +0800
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$ man emacsclient              
No manual entry for emacsclient
ok, anyway
$ emacsclient --help       
Usage: emacsclient [-a ALTERNATE-EDITOR] [-n] [--no-wait] [+LINE[:COLUMN]] 
Or emacsclient --version

-n etc. not explained here.  --help not mentioned.  No tip on how to
see Info page "(emacs)Emacs Server"

BTW, I wanted to do
$ emacsclient a001\*
to get a dired listing of matching files matching a001* ... but no, no
can do.  Therefore I propose
$ emacsclient -d filenames
$ emacsclient --dired filenames
do like (dired "a001*" nil)
Also, * or would work, no need for \* ...

By the way, is there a need for
$ dired [filenames]
as one can't just use emacs -f dired filenames
to get emacs to take the arg list as filenames for dired...
hmm, better yet: emacs --dired filenames

Yes, I can do
$ emacs dir1 dir2 dir3
but what if I want
$ emacs file1 file2 file3
but in one dired window?
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