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emacs bugs

From: Richard Trahan
Subject: emacs bugs
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 05:46:15 -0700

I am running on Windoze 98 with the Emacs unpacked from 
emacs-21.2-bin-i386.tar.gz .

When several files are open in the same frame, Emacs scrambles the
association between buffer-file-name and save-buffer. I.e., the
save-buffer prompt in response to C-x C-s shows a file name for one
of the other buffers.

I'm not sure of the precise conditions that cause this, but I believe
it may occur when several files of the same base name, but from 
different directories, are open. For example, if you have the two
files c:\mydirA\readings.txt and c:\mydirB\readings.txt, the system
may scramble the buffers.

There is also a slight cosmetic bug: in the file finder that pops up
in response to File | Save Buffer As..., the action button is mislabeled
"Open"; it should be "Save".

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