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pcl-cvs bug

From: Richard Trahan
Subject: pcl-cvs bug
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 02:21:13 -0700

I am running on Windoze 98 with the Emacs unpacked from 
emacs-21.2-bin-i386.tar.gz .

None of the PCL-CVS commands can find cvs.exe if PATH has been
set by either:
(1) M-x customize-group <RET> pcl-cvs <RET>, set Vc Path
(2) (setenv "PATH" ...) statement in .emacs
(3) M-x setenv <RET> PATH <RET> <path> for current session

All of the above methods for finding cvs.exe work fine for the other
VC commands, like C-x C-q, C-x v i, etc.

The PCL-CVS commands work only when the cvs.exe PATH is set in
the shell from which runemacs.exe is started.

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