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romanian translation

From: cadumitrescu
Subject: romanian translation
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 02:37:39 +0300

Hi Emacs/GNU Staff.

I am a (young) Romanian programmer and I am a fan of the "Free
Software World" especially of the FSF and it's children GNU. And RMS.

My name is Constantin A. Dumitrescu and I am living in Craiova,
(surprise ;)) Romania. 

I'd like to bring one modest contribution to Emacs: writing a romanian
translation for the following documents that come with Emacs 21.2:

1. "refcard.tex"
2. "dired-ref.tex"

The Emacs tutorial is already translated by Tudor Hulubei. :)

Please tell me if that is ok so I can start working. Maybe I should
just write the translations and sent them to you, but I preffered to
ask first.

-- Constantin.

PS: I access the Internet using a dial-up link without having a mail
    account on my ISP. I have one "hackish" mail configuration which
    alows me to send (only) mail (using Emacs). I hope you will not
    consider this as a mail spoof (maybe it is exactly just that).

    You can reply to me at "address@hidden".

    Please (if it is the case - probably it is) excuse my english

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