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A rose by any other name (was Re: [OT] Re: configure script)

From: David Masterson
Subject: A rose by any other name (was Re: [OT] Re: configure script)
Date: 12 Jun 2002 12:34:08 -0700
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>>>>> Glenn Morris writes:

[...on renaming "Linux" as "GNU/Linux"...]

> Trying to make people more aware of all the facts seems like a good
> reason to "adulterate" the name to me.

Why?  People are aware of the facts.  Those that are not aware of the
facts are barely able to pronounce "linux" let alone care what it or
the GNU toolset within it is.

> I happen to agree with the view in which the fact that most
> distributions are branded as "Acme Linux" (say) is misleading.

If the FSF had a copyright (not a copyleft) on the GNU toolset, then
perhaps they could request royalties from the Linux distributors and
make an impact on getting the name changed.  As it is, that ship has
already sailed...

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