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Re: Scrolling: This must be a bug!

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Re: Scrolling: This must be a bug!
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:04:14 +0200

"Klaus Zeitler" <address@hidden> wrote in
> >>>>> "Lars" == Lars Hansen <address@hidden> writes:
>     Lars>
>     Lars> I se the problem in any file (with enough lines) e.g. abbrev.el
>     Lars> the Emacs 21.2 package. But this morning I found out that the
>     Lars> problem disappers when I don't use any .emacs file. My .emacs
>     Lars> is very large, so I will try to make a minial one with which the
>     Lars> problem is there.
>     Lars>
> same here, my .emacs.el is also very large and some add-on package is
> causing that recentering. Do you by any chance use mic-paren.el?
> That could be the culprit. But then again I've been living with the
> recenter 'feature' for more than 15 years now and though it still bothers
> me every once in a while I'be learned to ignore it.

I do not use mic-paren.el. I think the features of that module is included
in paren.el
of Emacs 21.

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