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comint-interrupt-subjob also kills pending input

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: comint-interrupt-subjob also kills pending input
Date: 14 Jun 2002 05:23:01 +0800
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[Emacs 21.2]
C-c C-c runs the command comint-interrupt-subjob

Interrupt the current subjob.
This command __also kills the pending input__
between the process-mark and point.

Oh great.  A bonus service with no ifs ands or variables to control

So I had typed

$ du /var/cache/wwwoffle/ftp/longandpainfulline C-c C-c
and I end up with

I'm just not used to things i typed disappearing.  No choice about it
mentioned. OK, never mind. I'll use undo.

why can't you leave the top line alone and put me at a fresh prompt?
it's not like i'm making a session log for submission to court and
there must not be some entry that was actually run.  At least there
should be a variable to control this behavior.  Yes, bash may also do
this too, but script(1) would still have the chars if one ran it.  And
the reason we use *shell* is sort of like why one would run script(1)...
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