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Re: configure script

From: Sami Sihvonen
Subject: Re: configure script
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:56:58 +0300

In article <address@hidden>,
address@hidden (Eli Zaretskii) wrote:

>> GNU Emacs v20.5 for MS-DOS crashes under Micros~1 Windows 3.11
>> for Workgroups running default settings.
> Thanks, this is a known problem with Windows 3.11.

GNU Emacs should report this when starting it, give information 
about having too little memory. Now you can use GNU Emacs v20.5
running under Windows 3.11 and get mysterious crashes blamed on
Windows 3.11 kernel even when editing small files. You need to 
open a very big file to get warning from Emacs about low memory.

> The Emacs distribution _does_ include emacs.pif, you can find it in the 
> msdos directory.

When it was added and is it included in all  distributions? My 
GNU Emacs v20.5 did not have it. I got mine with DJGPP distribution.
There were several zip-files, I did not download any binary files.
Maybe it was included there?

Anyhow, this is not important. Important is that this problem 
should be documented clearly in distributions since this is 
very vital information. And maybe it would be wise to hack 
source code to give better warning about this problem.

Disclaimer (this needs expaining), why I use MS-Win v3.11?
I have one PC-laptop with special hardware that needs Win311.
Normally I use GNU/Debian, but I need that laptop's special
features for work. And ofcourse I wan't GNU Emacs in that 
laptop too. :-)

Sami Sihvonen,
Chief Executive Officer,
Janiika Networks Corporation.

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