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RE: Apparent problem with looking-at?

From: Peter Milliken
Subject: RE: Apparent problem with looking-at?
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:17:58 +1000


I believe the problem was that when I originally coded this defun (some
years ago now) I had an incomplete and faulty understanding of some of the
elisp defuns I was using - in this case, it was looking-at :-).

The code should have been (As Kim Storm kindly pointed out in

(looking-at (regexp-quote comment-start))

using this works perfectly well (and was what I originally intended :-)). I
suspect that the "bug" has existed in my code all of this time because I
rarely code in C and thus the particular fact that a C comment-start is
actually a regular expression meant that I never noticed the problem i.e. I
normally use this code snippet with other languages and thus other
comment-start definitions and was thusly (falsely) under the impression that
this code had only failed with Emacs 21.2.1 - my apologies :-).

Thankyou for your help, I fixed "my" problem :-)


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From: Richard Stallman [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 12:24 PM
To: Peter Milliken
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Subject: Re: Apparent problem with looking-at?

Would you please provide a complete self-contained test case
so that we can reproduce the problem and debug it?

    nil and never has in previous versions of Emacs. If I alter the code
    to (looking-at "/*") then it works (note the absence of the space after
    '*'). Also, if I place a space character at the start of the line i.e.

Note that "/*" is a regexp that matches zero or more slashes.

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