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Re: you must get tons of spam at address@hidden

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: you must get tons of spam at address@hidden
Date: 22 Jun 2002 08:38:05 +0800
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I just knew it.  I asked him offline "you must get tons of spam at
address@hidden" and

RMS> I read mail with Rmail.

meaning that he must be manually wading in bails of spam, unless his
pals have rigged up a super spam filter behind the scenes which
couldn't be the case as my message got through :-), and i send from
Asia's premier spam ISP, hinet.net :-)

Anyways, one way or the other, spam doesn't affect him, so it must be
an emacs.bug, as [if and] when i run rmail, spam still gets through

Anyways, I bet his talent is being wasted filtering spam manually, or
the talent of his assistant or something.  Anyways, a mystery: RMS
vs. spam, how does he deal with it?  Gotta know what the pros do!

I mean I'm in the process of strapping on procmail, junkbuster,
wwwoffle.conf tricks etc. real souped up ready to hit the net running,
once I figure it out.  But as I be RMS naturally wouldn't ever need to
read a webpage with a [shudder] banner ad, all of that is irrelevant.
Hmm, what to the browser snoopers say he reads all day then?  Gotta
know what the pros read.

I learned what is important in unix from analyzing my friends
lastcomm(1) log to see what he did the most. 
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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