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call-process vs start-process

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: call-process vs start-process
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:21:11 -0700

I am trying to use a new facility in xdvi, opening a .dvi file at a
specific position in the .tex file. 

You need a recent xdvi 
Do an xdvi -h to check that it has the -sourceposition command line
A recent one can be downloaded from:
I used xdvi-22.58

I run emacs-21.2 on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 and x86-linux-gnu

The following command will not display an xdvi window:

M-: (start-process "MYXDVI" "OUTPUT_BUFFER" "/bin/sh" "-c" "/tmp/xdvi/bin/xdvi 
-sourceposition 1:test.tex /tmp/test.dvi") RET

but this one will:

M-: (call-process "/bin/sh" nil 0 nil "-c" "/tmp/xdvi/bin/xdvi -sourceposition 
1:test.tex /tmp/test.dvi") RET

I used absolute paths to make sure that the right xdvi is run. 
When not using -sourceposition both commands work. 

When using -sourceposition xdvi forks, the parent process exits and
the child process displays the xdvi window (when not using
-sourceposition xdvi does not fork). 

When using `start-process' the child process seems to be killed by a
SIGHUP from emacs. Is this OK? Is emacs supposed to send SIGHUP to the
child process? The parent exits without error? Or this is some problem
with signals? 

I have attached the .dvi and tex files for testing.


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