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error in cl-make-hash-table in cl-extra.el

From: David C. Fox
Subject: error in cl-make-hash-table in cl-extra.el
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 19:09:34 -0400
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In the definition of cl-make-hash-table in cl-extra.el:

  (defun cl-make-hash-table (&rest cl-keys)
    "Make an empty Common Lisp-style hash-table.
  Keywords supported:  :test :size
  The Common Lisp keywords :rehash-size and :rehash-threshold are ignored."
    (let ((cl-test (or (car (cdr (memq :test cl-keys))) 'eql))
          (cl-size (or (car (cdr (memq :size cl-keys))) 20)))
      (make-hash-table :size cl-size :test cl-size)))

I think that

  :test cl-size

should be

  :test cl-test

Otherwise, calling cl-make-hash-table tries to specify 20 for the default test.

I found this in 21.2 (stable), but the HTML CVS showed the same error in the latest revision 1.22. (anonymous shell cvs timed out)


P.S. I didn't find any reference to this bug on the Savannah Emacs - cvs page, or in gnu.emacs.bug. Was I looking in the right places?

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