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Response from Team SkiNC Response (address@hidden)

From: mail
Subject: Response from Team SkiNC Response (address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 18:35:13 -0400

Thanks for visiting SkiNorthCarolina.com!

The answers to just about any question that you may be asking, can be found on 
our website.  However, if you have asked a specific question that is not 
addressed on the site, or you have requested assistance that needs specific or 
special attention, we will respond shortly (with a second email).

Otherwise, you will find our most requested questions answered at the links 
Ski Season dates:  Typically, ski season opens Thanksgiving weekend and runs 
through the end of March.  However, over the last few years, resorts have been 
able to open sooner, and the normal closing date is March 31st, depending on 
the weather.

***Special note for this season:  COLD and SNOW is on the way! We cannot predict
whether or not it will snow on specific dates that you are visiting us.  If we 
could, we'd predict it for EVERY DAY!  However, our area DOES receive quite a 
lot of snow during a normal winter, and even when we don't get natural snow, 
the resorts do a GREAT job of creating manmade snow.

***We've had a lot of people ask "how cold does it have to be to make snow?"
Typically, it should be below freezing, however depending on humidity, they 
have made snow at about 38 degrees!

Ski Reports:  http://www.skinorthcarolina.com/skireports.asp 
They are updated AT LEAST once each day at around 7:30-8:00am.  During periods 
that the weather or snow warrants more frequent updates...we do!

Road Conditions: SkiNorthCarolina is THE ONLY Source to find out what the roads 
are like during inclement weather.  Find them at:  

Accommodations/Lodging: You can find lodging links at 

Slopeside lodging is limited so book early.
We have had groups (such as church's and larger family groups ask about lodging 
for 15+ and we have now addressed that question at the link above.

If you are planning a trip up and would like to know of more activities to 
entertain you in addition to skiing...you can click on these links:

http://www.AppNetSite.com - Tons of High Country Links to Information/Events, 
activities, etc.

http://www.HighCountryOutdoors.com - Just that---Biking, Hiking Trails, 
Rafting, all sorts of information about anything and everything to do with the 
High Country Outdoors.

http://www.BeechMtn.com - The Beech Mountain Chamber website offers a lot of 
useful information for those planning on spending time up there.

Check out our NEWEST feature...High Country Weather! Find it at :  

LIVE! Views of the High Country on our WEBCAMS!

We've added more and we have plans to keep more coming...but you can see the 
High Country LIVE via our webcams at:  http://www.AppNetSite.com/webcameras.htm 
.  Several of them are SKICAMS, where you can SEE FOR YOURSELF what the 
conditions are like before driving up!  We've taken the guesswork out of the 
equation.  Why waste money when the conditions are as they should be!  In the 
past, you had to guess, or take the word of some overly zealous ski resort 
employee...now you can see how GREAT the conditions are and plan your trip.  
90% of the time, conditions are from good to great...but now you'll know!

Season Pass Information: Can be found by FIRST, selecting the resort you are 
interested in and THEN view their rates.  If you are interested in a GOLD CARD 
which allows unlimited skiing at ALL North Carolina resorts, email us asking 
for that at ... address@hidden .

Calendar of Events: >  http://www.AppNetSite.com/events.htm 

What's New!  The BEST place to SAVE as a FAVORITE and check out often is our 
http://www.skinorthcarolina.com/announcements.htm page. If it's NEWS then 
that's where to find it.

Cross Country Skiing: Find info here>  

Area Restaurants:  http://www.HighCountryDining.com 

How to find the resorts: You can see brief information at:  
http://www.SkiNorthCarolina.com/resort_locations.htm and also for more detailed 
maps, most of the search engines have map sources that allow for filling in 
your starting city and the destination of your choice to provide maps. 

Flying in to the area:  The closet airports to fly into are both about 1.5 
hours away.  Hickory Metropolitan Airport in Hickory, NC and Tri Cities 
Regional Airport in Johnson City, Tennessee are the two.  Rental cars would 
have to be obtained as both airports are, again..about an hour and one-half 
drive to the ski resorts.

A lot of people ask us about Sledding:  Find it here:  

If there is anything else we can assist you with or for periodic updates feel 
free to email us or you can JOIN OUR MAILING LIST  and we will keep you 
up-to-date with everything that pertains to www.SkiNorthCarolina.com
SAVE US AS A FAVORITE!!!! or setup our page to START automatically when you go 
online to check out new info, webcams and stuff daily!

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