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oh, Local Variables are for emacs

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: oh, Local Variables are for emacs
Date: 04 Jul 2002 14:40:37 +0800
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$ cat .crontab
12 6  * * 1-6 echo brush your teeth, etc.

# Local Variables:
# compile-command: "crontab .crontab"
# End:

Gentlemen, the average non-emacs user would be google-eyed when he saw
the mysterious "Local Variables" at the bottom of another's crontab or
whatever file.  Therefore, adding the word "Emacs"

# Emacs Local Variables:
# compile-command: "crontab .crontab"
# End:

should be allowed [maybe works already?] and promoted so 1. people
know which of the 10000 programs on the machine this is
for. 2. increasing brand name recognition a/k/a who's work of art ;-)

also there's the -*-sh-*- stuff at the tops of files.  It's like emacs
owns the whole computer...

I think the vi stuff I see at the bottoms of files at least gives a
clue what it is for [i.e. vi].
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