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Re: *shell* TAB *Completions* fooled by $PWD/

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: *shell* TAB *Completions* fooled by $PWD/
Date: 09 Jul 2002 08:24:27 +0800
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notRMS>     ppp# more ~/bin/modemspeedlogger.sh $PWD/
notRMS>     And hit TAB and low and behold, it gave me all kinds of choices
notRMS>     appropriate for root's home dir, not the current dir. which it knew
notRMS>     very well as seen by M-x pwd, M-! env also shows PWD was /etc/ppp .

RMS> Please send a *complete precise* test case which starts with `emacs -q'.
RMS> Then I can try it.
$ cd; emacs -q
<escape> x s h e l l <return> c d SPC . . <return> m o r e SPC $ P W D / <tab>
Well, are the *Completions* those of .. or ~ ?
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