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"save big money on printing supplies"

From: Money Saver Pic's
Subject: "save big money on printing supplies"
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 17:09:58 -0400

July 16, 2002      
BCDWest Home   LaserJet Toner   InkJet Cartridges   Copier/Fax Accessories

Save Up To 60% On Quality
ISO-9000 Certified Printer Cartridges

Quality is a way of life at BCD West.  Our Research and Development engineers perform exhaustive tests on replacement parts and toner, carefully measuring components for maximum reliability, yield and image quality, then selecting only the best for each cartridge type.  Our dedicated quality engineers regularly perform random test, evaluating cartridges against the toughest standards in the industry and looking for new ways to improve performance.  They also benchmark our cartridges against our competitor's products, ensuring that when it comes to quality we continue to lead the industry. 

At the end of the assembly line, every cartridge undergoes a detailed, multi-page print test.  Those that pass this rigorous process are polished, sealed and boxed.

We are proud of each cartridge we make, and are gratified that customers trust us with their printing needs.  We pull out all the stops to build the best and we are committed to put our customers first.
Sample Pricing 
  LaserJet Cartridges (Most Popular)  
 Brand Part Number Retail YOUR COST
HP LaserJet 3Si/4Si 92291A $126.00 $41.85
HP LaserJet 4/5 9298A $110.00 $47.00
HP LaserJet II/III 92295A $132.00 $35.85
HP LaserJet 1100 C4092A $86.00 $44.85
HP LaserJet 2000/2100/2200 C4096A $145.20 $68.85
HP LaserJet 4000 HY C4127X $109.00 $68.00
HP LaserJet 5Si C3909A $229.00 $79.85
HP LaserJet 5P/6P C3903A $108.00 $45.85
HP LaserJet 4100 C8061X $185.00 $99.85
HP LaserJet 8100 C4182X $199.99 $134.85
Lexmark Optra E 310/312 13T0101 $170.00 $87.85
Lexmark Optra S 1250/1855 High Yield 17,600 1382620   $170.00  $94.85
If you don't see your printer here call us toll free @ 866-655-3475 for a quote.
  Apple Laser Cartridges    
 Brand Part Number Retail YOUR COST
Apple LaserWriter 8500 M5893G/A $320.75 $149.85
Apple LaserWriter 12-640 M4683G/A $160.00 $99.85
Apple LaserWriter Pro 600/630 M2473G/A $143.75 $68.85
Apple Select 36 M1960G/A $170.00 $99.85
Apple Personal LaserWriter M0089LL/A $118.00 $65.85
Apple LaserWriter Black 12-600 Post Script M3756G/A $120.00 $68.85
Apple LaserWriter Magenta 12-600 Post Script M3760G/A $120.00 $68.85
Apple LaserWriter Cyan 12-600 Post Script M3757G/A $120.00 $68.85
Apple LaserWriter Yellow 12-600 Post Script M3758G/A $120.00 $68.85
Apple LaserWriter 300/320 M2045G/A $97.00 $49.85
Apple Personal LaserWriter M0089LL/A $118.00 $65.89
 Brand Part Number Retail YOUR COST
Epson Stylus Color 777  Black T017201 $23.99 $14.85
Epson Stylus Color 777   Color T018201 $28.99 $14.85
Epson Stylus Color 880  Black T019201 $30.79 $7.85
Epson Stylus Color 880   Color T020201 $26.39 $9.85
Epson Stylus Photo 820 Black New T026201 $24.99 $12.85
Epson Stylus Photo 820 Color New T027201 $21.29 $12.85
Epson Stylus Color C60 Black New T028201 $29.99 $12.85
Epson Stylus Color C60 Color New T029201 $27.99 $12.85
Epson Stylus C80, Black  New T032120 $32.99 $14.85
Epson Stylus C80, Cyan  New T032220 $14.99 $9.99
 Epson Stylus C80, Magenta New T032320 $14.99 $9.99
Epson Stylus C80, Yellow New T032420 $14.99 $9.99
 We accept Visa, Master Card, AMX, Discovery and accept P.O's

You may order by e-mail at address@hidden (there is no minimum order), go to our web page at BCDWest.com or call me at our toll free # 866-655-3475 ext. #61.  I will be happy to send out via e-mail our complete price list in an Excel spreadsheet. I sincerely hope that in the future we will have the privilege of supplying you with our products. If you wish to continue to receive our specials Please Click here to SUBSCRIBE

Yours very truly,

Barry C Deuschle, Sr.
866-655-3475 ext. # 61

We do purchase email lists on a regular basis and look for published email lists on the internet. However, we strongly oppose the continued sending of unsolicited email and do not want to send email to anyone who does not wish to receive our special mailings. If you would prefer to not receive these messages in the future, please Un-Subscribe. We practice responsible mailing by honoring all remove requests and following all U.S. laws. We are in compliance with all state and Federal Laws regarding commercial email.

100% Guaranteed!
©2002 BCDWest, Inc. All rights reserved.

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