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can't keep long filenames in view in dired

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: can't keep long filenames in view in dired
Date: 19 Jul 2002 16:23:09 +0800
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Consider that you are in dired looking at a directory with file with
very long names.  So long that you do M-x toggle-truncate-lines.
You then move the cursor to the end of one those lines as it finally
pulls the whole filenames into view, at the price of say looking at
the file permissions.

Well, many cursor motion keys and mouse wheels will bring ones' cursor
back to the first letter of the filename, and which it we are back to
the usual dired window with lines truncated at the right instead of
left as we intended.

set-goal-column helps but dired ignores it it seems too though.  I set
it near the end of a long line but when we go to the next line we are
back on top of the first letter of a filename.  At least it doesn't
jolt the whole screen over to get a view of the file permissions on
each movement, until we get to the end or start of the dired buffer,
and then it remains there.
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