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OTCBB: SCAL Emerging ASP Company ADV

From: stckalertnwswk
Subject: OTCBB: SCAL Emerging ASP Company ADV
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 01:36:29 -0500


 Aggressive Growth Buy Recommendation!



StartCall.com Inc. (OTCBB: "SCAL") is a leading application service provider (ASP) and software development company that offers real-time interactive technology as an out-sourced service. SCAL was established to suite the ever-growing needs of companies for reliable, timely, and functional solution of enhancing the customer service and customer experience over the internet.

SCAL offers its clients the ability to improve their Online Customer care department by placing a Live Help Button directly on their Website. This tool allows visitors and customer's browsing their websites to receive real-time live help at the points of purchase when assistance is critical.



Target markets include all business and call-centers with an Internet presence. SCAL's price have been deliberately calibrated and analyzed to allow even small businesses to benefit from the importance of Online Real-Time Customer Service.



Feb 05 2002: MSNBC reports that 143 million people, or 54 percent of the total population, are now online in the US, up 2 percent last year.

Today 90% of online customers prefer human interaction; 41% of customers would be more likely to transact if human interaction were available. Jupiter Communications

As part of its growth strategy StartCall also plans to explore and evaluate companies that may suit its acquisition strategy; some of these targets include: successful Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web Hosting Companies and other companies in related industries that in exchange will assist StartCall's bottom line to accelerate its economic growth. Take advantage of current trading levels.




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SCAL pricing structure includes the issuance of license to operate various systems offered. SCAL estimates it will gain 2.5% of the total market by year-end equivalinet to approximately 100,000 licenses sold. Each license should have an average revenue of $29.95/month, generating approximately $3 Million in monthly sales. By the end of 2003 SCAL expects to gain 3% to 5% of the total market in the U.S.



By 2003, over 50% of companies with a presence on the Internet will have some means of Live Human interaction of the Web Site. New York Times

SCAL, through its partnerships, has a total exposure to over 1.5 Million Web Sites. StartCall is competing in the arenas of Internet Live Customer Support over the Internet. SCAL offers the most effective prices worldwide starting at only $29.95 per operating license.

There are over 5 Million business web sites from small to mid-sized to large cap, the US and Canada that could benefit from SCAL's flexible and friendly service. StartCall's technology operates from any computer and browser from anywhere in the world. SCAL services also feature online transcripts and lead management tools.





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