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Build A Worldwide Business Quickly

From: Joe Burgler
Subject: Build A Worldwide Business Quickly
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 14:54:50 +0200

- - - Build A Worldwide Business Quickly - - -

Let your computer work hard so you don\'t need to. 
The Sun will never set on your downline or your 

Works in any country regardless of average income. 
A one time affordable initial cost of $5 US. 
solid well financed, well managed company that 
pays by ATM card, or in the US by check or direct 
deposit as well. 

Multi-lingual online support. Now in 170 countries 
and growing. In-country leadership support. 
254,000 participants. Approximately 1,000 new 
participants joining this forced matrix each week
How many of these do you want in your downline? 

Take advantage of the momentum and capitalize 
on the five years stability and experience of this 
company and it\'s leadership in the international 

You can do it! You can build a worldwide business 
quickly!  Don\'t let another second go by - 
Find out how today!  

Reach more than 70 Million Targeted Recipients!
100% Spam Free!

Send your ads to 2.3 Million opt-in recipients every day!
That's 70,000,000 Each Month!

No worries about your ISP! 
100% Targeted!
100% Spam Free!



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