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Re: customize

From: Jeff Dwork
Subject: Re: customize
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 14:02:09 -0700

Customizing custom-file will fix this:

 M-x customize-option RET custom-file RET

I changed mine to ~/.emacs-customize and have 
  (load (expand-file-name "~/.emacs-customize"))
in my ~/.emacs where I want it, so I can run both 19.34 and 21.1
without confusing 19.34.

IMHO, custom-file should have a prominent mention in the manual and
the top level customize group.  I found it by reading cus-edit.el.

IMVHO, the default behavior of customize should be to save to a file
different from user-init-file.  When saving, customize would scan
user-init-file looking for (load (expand-file-name "custom-file")).
If it is not found, customize offers to modify user-init-file, with
allowable responses of "yes", "no" and "no and do not ask again" (the
last being saved as a customization).  I believe this will make life
easier for both novices and experts new to emacs >19.


Edward Welbourne writes:
 > To: address@hidden
 > cc: address@hidden
 > Subject: Re: customize
 > Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:29:49 +0200
 > All customize-cruft is appended to ~/.emacs, while my own config is
 > accessed via a line early in the file (which loads it from some
 > byte-compiled elisp in a conveniently out-of-the-way directory).  Thus
 > my own config can't control the face, because customize insists on
 > having the last word (and saying: suppress this face) despite my best
 > efforts to get the fancy GUI to understand that I no longer want
 > customize to have anything to do with the setting of this face.
 >      Eddy.
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