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Re: -geometry vs. tool-bar-mode

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: -geometry vs. tool-bar-mode
Date: 27 Jul 2002 10:46:18 +0800
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>>>>> "A" == Alfred M Szmidt <address@hidden> writes:

A> It is you who are being silly in your bug report, you are not being
A> very clear.  What exactly do you mean?

$ emacs --no-site-file -q --eval '(tool-bar-mode 0)' -geometry 10x10   
gives me a 10x7 window while
$ emacs --no-site-file -q -geometry 10x10
gives me a 10x10 window.  Given that the user asked for a 10x10
window, he should be given it.

>> By the way, on the man page don't you want to write --geometry etc. instead
>> of -geometry, at least judging from the emphasis "--" is given on the
>> --help output.  Yes, both work (do mention that) but we want to
>> promote "--".

A> GNU projects don't use man pages as their official source for
A> information, --help and the info page is used for this.

All I know is I did
debian_$ man emacs
and it said on there

       Richard Stallman encourages you to improve and extend Emacs

and I thought it also applied to the man pages that came with it. 

>> Also note --geometry vs tool-bar-mode in the tool-bar-mode docstrings.

A> I do not see any such reference in the tool-bar-mode docstring, both
A> for the function and variable.  Please be more clear.

by "note" I meant "please notate", "please add a notation"
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