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Re: how to persuade shell/ssh mode to use remote dynamic completion.

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: how to persuade shell/ssh mode to use remote dynamic completion.
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 14:39:42 +0200
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address@hidden (Simon) writes:

> address@hidden (KaiGroßjohann) writes:
>> I understand the "slow" part.  But I don't understand the "gateway
>> scenario" part -- if you can log in to the machine and get a shell,
>> then you should be able to use Tramp, no?
> Since we need to go through a gateway a multihop method would be needed:
>    * `multi' -- base64 encoding with `mimencode'
> mimencode is not supported on the most remote machine and,

Hm.  Do you have Perl on the remote machine?  In principle, there is
code in Tramp that uses Perl for base64 encoding.  But I think the
code does not currently work.  So if you know Perl and would be
willing to help correct that Perl code, then we could both be happy:
Tramp would work for you and I could fix a Tramp bug.

>    * `multiu' -- use commands `uuencode' and `uudecode'
> falls foul of:
>    * The uuencode method does not always work.
>      Due to the design of TRAMP, the encoding and decoding programs
>      need to read from stdin and write to stdout.  On some systems,
>      `uudecode -o -' will read stdin and write the decoded file to
>      stdout, on other systems `uudecode -p' does the same thing.  But
>      some systems have uudecode implementations which cannot do this at
>      all--it is not possible to call these uudecode implementations
>      with suitable parameters so that they write to stdout.

Hm.  Is there anything at all you can do on the remote host with
uudecode so that it writes to stdout?  Maybe it would work to make a
hack like replacing the filename with /tmp/foo and then doing
uudecode and then "cat /tmp/foo".

What (remote) system is this?

> Even if I provided mimencode on the most remote machine, permitting
> use tramp, would the problem of command completion not remain?

Command completion, instead of just filename completion?  Hm.  Whee.
I'm not sure what to do there.

I wonder if anyone has tried to send the current (partial) command to
the remote shell, followed by TAB, and to then analyze the output.  I
think this was recently discussed on one of the Emacs groups, but the
output wasn't seen.

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