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Re: A list of bugs

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Re: A list of bugs
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:19:02 +0200

Thank you for replying.

>     Start Emacs (21.2 or 20.7) under MS Windows and try to close MS Windows.
>     Then you get an error message saying that MS Windows cannot shut down
>     Emacs. I suspect that Emacs does not handle the WM_QUERYENDSESSION 
> (0x0011)

> Only a Windows developer could handle this.  Would you like to
> implement it?

Well, I did a bit of Windows development some years ago, but I am not in that
business anymore and I don't have a compiler, debugger and Windows development
kit on my private PC.

>     Font lock in emacs-lisp-mode gets very confused when a multi line text 
> string
>     (such as a doc string) have a line starting with 'with' or '(' (no 
> quotes).

> You should put a \ before the (; that is an Emacs convention.
> I am surprised to hear this about `with', though; can you send a precise
> self-contained test case for that?

I just tried to recreate the problem, but I only managed to do the `(' case. I 
send a precise test case for the other one when I run into it again. I apologize
for not doing it in the first place.

> Would you please help us out by calling the system
> "GNU/Linux", and giving us equal mention?


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