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Re: when options)mule)set-coding-system is unselectable

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: when options)mule)set-coding-system is unselectable
Date: 29 Jul 2002 01:40:52 +0800
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Eli> Wrong move.  You should use "C-x RET c" before "C-x C-f" instead.
Eli> That's because the file is already decoded by the time it is
Eli> displayed, and so no tinkering with options>mule>set-coding-system
Eli> will make any difference as to how it is displayed.

notRMS>     OK, this is exactly what the user needs to know at that
notRMS>     point.  Can we somehow arrange to get your above sentences
notRMS>     told to the user when he goes reaching for that button,
notRMS>     instead of just finding, of all the buttons, amazingly,
notRMS>     just the one he thinks he needs has its lights turned off

RMS> I agree that this is something important to do.  I don't see precisely
RMS> where or how Emacs would present that information.  In response to
RMS> what action or command, when?

Well, the simplest thing to do until a better solution is found, is to
have its lights turned back on, but a big balloon message pop if the
user does select it, with the above "Wrong move..." message inside,
suitably rephrased.  
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