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Re: recover-session doesn't

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: Re: recover-session doesn't
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 10:25:03 +0200

RMS> Have you read the chapter on Debugging in the Emacs Lisp Manual?
Intro and 1st three sections (as advocated by intro);
I only skimmed the rest.

Eli> No.  You need to manually "M-x load-file" files.el, and _then_
Eli> instrument the function.

RMS> There is no need to load the entire file files.el in interpreted
RMS> form.  That would be rather undesirable, I'd think.  It should
RMS> work fine to instrument a single function while the rest of the
RMS> file runs compiled.

but I need the source file, files.el - the files.elc won't do ?
My installation is the current Debian package for emacs21, which only
contains .elc, no .el files (that I can see).

Is there a handy site with an un-packed source tree on it that I can
browse to find this ?  Or an anon CVS repository (I'll need an exact
command line I can type - never used one yet) ?  Or do I need to fetch
and unpack an entire emacs source distribution to fish this one file
out of it ?


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