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Two Tramp issues

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Two Tramp issues
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 22:29:34 +0200


1. Bug:
   It seems that current buffer is changed to be the Tramp buffer
   when Tramp handles `make-directory'.

2. Question:
   Is it correct that previosly a function such as eg. `make-directory'
   was not caught by the "file name magic" when `make-directory' was
   called with a relative file name and default-directory was a Tramp
   file name -- but that this is now corrected ?
   It so, is this change documented ?

I use Emacs 20 and 21 and `tramp-version' is
"$Id: tramp.el,v 2.95 2002/04/10 17:16:25 kaig Exp $"


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