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Closeout 9363

From: qnthth
Subject: Closeout 9363
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 17:39:14 GMT

Look at this deal. We jsut recieved Calling cards. These calling cards are good 
for national and international calls.It will give you 326 minutes of National 
calls , International rates vary. I am liquidating these in 100 packs. Usually 
these cards are not sold in packs of less than 1000. Please email me your 
contact info if you are interested. These will not last long. Thank you

You can also call us toll-free at either
866-218-1263 Peter 
877-449-1442 Greg

This is not a spam, you are in my addresss book opt-in list .Please let me know 
if you want to be unsuscribed by typing unsuscribe in the subject headline and 
I will gladly do so. I am sorry if this has been an inconveniance !!!! 


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