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Re: Coding system for outgoing mail

From: konrad . hinsen
Subject: Re: Coding system for outgoing mail
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 10:18:56 +0200

> o Can you reproduce the bug when you start Emacs with "-q
>   --no-site-file"?

No. I went through my .emacs line by line to find out what the
cause is, and it turns out to be the line

   (setq mail-signature t)

Then I disabled that line and checked what happens when I insert
the signature by hand (C-c C-w). Before inserting the signature,
describe-coding-system says "none, use default". After inserting
the signature, it says "no conversion (binary)".

My signature file contains only ASCII characters (see below), so that
cannot be the problem.

> o What do you mean by `non-ASCII characters'?   Does't it
>   contain non-Latin-1 characters?

No, just French text.

> o How do you type (or insert) those non-ASCII characters?

Directly from a French keyboard.

> o Does Emacs also asks coding system on saving that mail
>   buffer into a file?

No, only when sending it.

> o Please show me the contents of *Warning* buffer shown when
>   Emacs asks you to select a coding system.

   These default coding systems were tried:
     no-conversion iso-latin-1
   no-conversion safely encodes the target text,
   but it is not recommended for encoding text in this context,
   e.g., for sending an email message.

   Select the above, or one of the following safe coding systems:
     iso-8859-1 utf-8 iso-2022-jp-2 x-ctext mac-roman iso-2022-7bit
     raw-text emacs-mule no-conversion ctext-no-compositions
     iso-2022-8bit-ss2 iso-2022-7bit-lock iso-2022-7bit-ss2
     tibetan-iso-8bit-with-esc thai-tis620-with-esc lao-with-esc
     korean-iso-8bit-with-esc hebrew-iso-8bit-with-esc
     greek-iso-8bit-with-esc iso-latin-9-with-esc iso-latin-8-with-esc
     iso-latin-5-with-esc iso-latin-4-with-esc iso-latin-3-with-esc
     iso-latin-2-with-esc iso-latin-1-with-esc
     in-is13194-devanagari-with-esc cyrillic-iso-8bit-with-esc
     chinese-iso-8bit-with-esc japanese-iso-8bit-with-esc

> o How do you create that mail buffer?  By typing C-x m, from
>   RMAIL, from Gnus, or else?

Either C-x m or by replying in RMAIL, the effect is the same.

> o What is the actual value of `buffer-file-coding-system'
>   when you don't setup that mail-mode-hook.

With automatic signature:

   buffer-file-coding-system's value is no-conversion
   Local in buffer *mail*; global value is iso-latin-1


   buffer-file-coding-system's value is iso-latin-1

> o What is the value of `mail-user-agent'?

   mail-user-agent's value is sendmail-user-agent

> o What is the value of `default-sendmail-coding-system'?

  default-sendmail-coding-system's value is iso-latin-1

Thanks for your help!

Konrad Hinsen                            | E-Mail: address@hidden
Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire (CNRS) | Tel.: +33-
Rue Charles Sadron                       | Fax:  +33-
45071 Orleans Cedex 2                    | Deutsch/Esperanto/English/
France                                   | Nederlands/Francais

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