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Re: Need contact to solve ntEmacs problems with accented characters

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Need contact to solve ntEmacs problems with accented characters
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 19:08:30 +0300

[Please don't remove the bug mailing list from the CC: header.]

> From: "Ryszard Kubiak" <address@hidden>
> Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 14:29:44 +0200
> The experiment with printing to a file succeded -- the coding of the
> file happens to be cp1250-dos, as it should be. If this success means
> that the printer uses a different coding then what that coding is?

I don't know yet.

What happens if you send the file produced like above to the printer
_as_a_file, using some utility that can print a disk file?  Does it
print as you expect?

> Why other text editors, such as the one in Delphi, do not have
> problems with printing, if they work with files in cp1250, too? Do
> these other editors know something about printing in Windows that I
> do not know, for example, that printing needs Unicode?

One problem could be the way Emacs sends output to the printer.
What's your value of printer-name (the ``normal'' value, before you
changed it to print to a disk file)?

> The letter /l is shown a a little centered circle,  /o (oacute) comes as
> Greek \mu, /c (cacute) as i with an accent, /a (aogonek) as reversed
> ?, and so on.

Sounds like Windows is interpreting your text as if it were encoded
in some DOS OEM codepage, not cp1250.

> > > 2. Font selection in --unibyte mode does not work. Whatever font I
> select,
> > > using methods
> > > described in the documentation and avrious FAQs, the accented characters
> > > seem to come from latin-1.
> This is also very annoying. I cannot select a font for the accented letters
> to be shown properly in unibyte mode.

Sorry, I don't know enough about font handling on Windows.

Why do you need to run Emacs in unibyte mode, anyway?

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