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Re: fortran-blink-matching-do does not work in v21.2.1

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: fortran-blink-matching-do does not work in v21.2.1
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 00:16:01 +0100
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Juan Carlos Lopez Vieyra wrote:

> Using emacs v21.2.1, I have found a problem with the fortran mode. The
> fortran-blink-matching-do does not match properly the do-enddo loops.
> Even in a very simple example:
> c234567
>       DO I=1,100
>         WRITE(*,*)'Hello World'
>          END DO
> placing the cursor over the END DO and pressing TAB emacs responds with
> "No matching do".
> Does anyone know how to fix this bug (if it is really a  bug)?        

That is a (known) bug - thanks for reporting it. It is already fixed in the
CVS, and will be fixed in Emacs 21.3.

To fix it, you could download the latest EMACS_21_1_RC version of
fortran.el from


Or if you want to edit your existing fortran.el, just make a slight change
to `fortran-beginning-do', and recompile it.

*** 1101,1107 ****
            (skip-chars-forward " \t0-9")
            (cond ((looking-at
!                   "\\(\\(\\sw\\|\\s_\\)+:[ \t]*\\)?do[ \t]+[0-9]")
                   (setq count (1- count)))
                  ((looking-at "end[ \t]*do\\b")
                   (setq count (1+ count)))))
--- 1104,1110 ----
            (skip-chars-forward " \t0-9")
            (cond ((looking-at
!                   "\\(\\(\\sw\\|\\s_\\)+:[ \t]*\\)?do[ \t]+")
                   (setq count (1- count)))
                  ((looking-at "end[ \t]*do\\b")

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