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Re: UTF-8 related display problem

From: Marc Wilhelm Küster
Subject: Re: UTF-8 related display problem
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 09:28:32 +0200

> Opening a largish UTF-8-encoded text file (ca. 800 kb) with Latin, Greek
> and Hebrew passages in it causes emacs to stop displaying the text about
> halfway through the text. It is impossible to navigate beyond that break.
> Shortening or lengthening the text does only move slighlty the point where
> the text display stops.
> The break seems always to be in non-Latin text.
> The file displays without problem in other UTF-8-aware applications, so the
> UTF-8 itself should be correct.

Are you sure you have the necessary fonts installed?  The list of
places where you can download Unicode fonts can be found in the file
INSTALL in the Emacs distribution.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, the necessary fonts are installed and the text, when extracted into another buffer, even displays correctly. Furthermore, saving the file actually shortens it to the point where the display ended, something that should never happen with pure display problems. It looks to me rather like an input stream problem of sorts (though a strange one, since splitting the file into parts and work with those parts is a way to get around the problem).

I have checked the UTF-8 by parsing it with Java's InputStreamReader in UTF-8 mode, but no problems whatsoever.

However, I cannot reconstruct the problem with any other file. I generated for this purpose a list of all existing Unicode characters, all in combination with a combining acute, and, except for the documented issue of characters bigger than U33FF and smaller than UE200, I could not spot anything.

The file in question contains data that should not be widely circulated. Is it possible that you can have a look at the problem and then delete the file afterwards?

Best regards,

Marc Küster

Marc Wilhelm Küster
Saphor GmbH

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D-72072 Tübingen

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